Roman Baptist

What is the difference between Protestants and Roman Catholics? Which denomination is closer to the bible in their variety of beliefs? What areas do they agree upon? What areas are they in disagreement? Finally, and most importantly, if Jesus Christ were to re-visit our planet would he join a church, or gather His Church? These are but a few of the questions tackled in Bellavia’s newest book, Roman Baptist.

Roman Baptist is written in every day common language and is complete with an index. Questions tackled by Bellavia are: “Whatever happened to St. Thief?; The biblical stance on purgatory, death, and suffering; What does it take to get to heaven, i.e. minimum requirements for salvation; Why is prayer important; How does the bible feel about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” In short Bellavia’s latest work answers many common everyday questions both Roman Catholics and Protestants have always wondered about … but never dared ask.

According to a review by Clarion Press:
“Christians of all denominations will find this book an excellent source of discussion, interpretation and the information concerning “the priesthood of the believer.”

“This book delves into and digests the two principal bodies of Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism, using scripture to explain the origins of different traditions and practices. Bellavia then casts his vote on which church follows the codebook, or Bible, most closely.”

Bellavia’s style is conversational, intimate. Mixing personal anecdotes and thoughts together with direct quotes from different translations of the Bible—all thoroughly annotated—Roman Baptist is completely and engagingly readable. The text also sparkles with little-known facts …”

Much like a biblical guidebook, Bellavia presents issue after issue, organized into chapters …”scripture.

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