The Philosophy of the Centrist

The Philosophy of the Centrist website is the pursuit of truth in all topics studied. In today’s political climate, many will view these opinions as right of center. That is because in today’s post modern society championing the politically correct has overshadowed the logical consequence of their deeds. Action no longer speaks louder than words, rather intent has become preeminent over action. Cause and effect has been jettisoned in a vain attempt to make relativism valid. The ‘Centrist’ will remain a centrist column in a leftist world. In it I will attempt to offer practical solutions no matter where they fall on the social or political spectrum. It is my sincere hope that these solutions will bring about realistic change in the American political arena.

Subjects will cover the gamut from political to religious … all will be searched for truth. That begs the question that this columnist thinks there is such a thing as TRUTH. The instrument I will use to determine TRUTH is logic. Logic, when properly used, ferrets out truth by demanding of it’s user an objective decision. Furthermore logic influences all decisions void of emotion. It is a pragmatic, sensible, and intelligent method in which to approach any subject. Unfortunately this instrument of Western science has been ignored in the post modern society precisely because it is “male and Western”, not because it is unambiguous and exacting. Ignoring this vital tool of science in our social structure is worse than illogical, it is tragic.

The ever changing specter of political correctness embraced by our society results in a lack of standard. Since there is no standard then everything is relative, thus, even the absurd become valid. Those embracing post modernism are more interested in furthering their own interest than seeking and acting on TRUTH. Although logic is ignored, it’s consequences are not and society is unrelentingly led to an unintended consequences. An example of this can be seen in the double truths of sex education where a child’s ‘right to know’ outweighs the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. Logic would look at the consequence and utilize the method which would be most beneficial to society, abstinence, rather than to an agenda.
Logic may have been best defined by Aristotle as a ‘tool of science’. Logic is preeminent in our quest to better mankind. It is the basis of the quality of life and progress made in the West and is the foundation on which science (technology), Judaism, and Christianity stand.

The Definition of the Centrist Movement

I contend that the political climate today has shifted so far from logic and reason that it now calls what was once and still is left as … center; likewise what is now called left or liberal is radical (socialism); and what is today called right or conservative was previously centrist. The true right, or true conservatism, has been relegated to the media trash heap of ‘radical right’. The true objective centrist has all but been forgotten.

It is time for America to re-embrace the centrist theme. Politicians must be elected who have in mind what is best for America, not other nations or personal agendas. Such leaders should not ignore the world situation, but view it from the prism of what is best for this great nation.
America has always been a nation that would look at the poverty and needs of the world as if it were its own. These values emanate from America’s foundational Judeo-Christian Ethic. Centrists understand that only through a populist rational movement, with governmental protections for the weak as safety nets, not a way of life, will poverty and despotism ever be defeated. A nation that realizes America’s most precious export is our way of life, freedom, love, and respect for mankind (no matter race, creed, or color) must be our utmost goal for the world. These efforts must be put forth not because America is arrogant and ‘knows what is best for other nations’, but because Uncle Sam has repeatedly paid the price with both his blood and money for the less fortunate of his nation and the world. These sacrifices have guaranteed countless millions a chance for democracy. America must realize that today’s philosophic movements of: relativism, humanism, and atheism champion the mistakes of the past as they ignore the consequence of decisions made on emotion and ideology rather than logic. This is at best disingenuous, at worst corrupt.
America must understand that the world has tried the philosophies set forth by the radical left (Communism) and radical right (Fascist) and they have failed. Embracing these techniques has ended in a blood bath we have come to call the twentieth century. It is time to return to the bedrock of our Founding Fathers … the Judeo Christian ethic based solidly on logic. This is the ethic that encourages: “Truths to be self evident”. It is the ethic that claims human rights as ‘inalienable’. It is the ethic which allows and protects private ownership. These values must be restored to their rightful place in society, one of celebration, not concealment.
Logic demands that solutions to many problems are shades of gray … yet many are black and white. It is the ethic that realizes even though all are entitled to due process, society has a greater obligation to protect the innocent from the depraved. Just because there is a technicality in the law should not enable the guilty to perpetrate mayhem on the innocent. Technicalities do make people innocent or guilty, actions do … and actions have consequences.