I was initiated into politics as a grass roots campaign worker for the Senate race of the late Bobby Kennedy in 1964. Because of the untimely early demise of my political mentor: RFK, and my burgeoning interest in science (graduate SUNY @ Buffalo School of Dentistry 1968), I became disenchanted with a political system that would violently eliminated centrist populace leaders like RFK, JFK, and Martin Luther King. I felt then, and I feel now, that these men grasped the idea of a Centrist Policy. They stood for: supply-side economics (tax cuts across the board), pro-life, tough policies against criminals, a tough foreign policy, a strong pro-family ethic (centered in Judeo Christian values) and pro-civil rights agenda. These policies would be considered right leaning today, however, historically they are centrist views.

My discouragement from everything political did not quench my thirst for knowledge and truth. I sought that truth in the field of science. As I shunned the political I turned my literary efforts to scientific research.

I have written and published several research articles in the dental field (see below). But I soon became troubled with the effect errant philosophies were having on our society. Therefore, I returned to the political and have been active in writing and publishing as a contributing columnist to several newspapers throughout the past 20 years.

Due to a spinal disease, I am no longer able to practice dentistry. Since I have been an active author and lecturer most of my adult life, it seemed a natural transition to extend that aspect of my career once disabled. I began a weekly column in our village paper and have been a contributing columnist in other Western New York print media since 2002. I also have completed two books and am working on a third as of Sept. 2002. It is my goal to expand this website to a blog with more frequent updates.

Curriculum Vitae :

Personal Data:
Born: 1944 Jamestown, New York
Parents: William J. and F. Lucy Bellavia
Wife: Married in1965 to Marilyn Brunacini Bellavia
Family: Daniel, Rand, Timothy, David
Grandchildren: Scott, Christopher, John, Evan, James, and Aiden
Faith: Christian

Education (earned diplomas):
1964 Jamestown Community College “Associate in Applied Science Magnum Cum Laude”
1968 SUNY @ Buffalo Dental School “Doctor of Dental Surgery”
1980 Fellow Academy of General Dentistry “FAGD”
1987 Fellow of American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery “FAANaOS-L, FABNODMS-C”
1990 Master Academy of General Dentistry “MAGD”

Professional Appointments:
1968 – Student Clinician American Dental Society
1968 – 2001 – Private Practice – established private practice of General Dentistry 11/4/68 at 511 West Ave, Medina New York
1975 to 80 – Part time member of Oral Medicine Staff SUNY @ Buffalo (Clinical Instructor)
1974 to 2001 – Chief of Dental Service @ Medina Memorial Hospital
1978 Clinical Instructor “Dental Practice Management” SUNY @ Buffalo Dental School
1978 to 84 Clinical Instructor Society of Occlusal Studies
1980 to 86 Instructor of basic and advanced courses in Temporal Mandibular Pathology, Anatomy, and Treatment (taught Case Western Reserve University, Private facilities, and SUNY @ Buffalo Dental School)
1997 and 1998 – Dental Missions to Mexico Baylor Medical School
1978 to 2004 co-founder- President CF International Dental Study Club

Professional Publications:
1968 “Pinned Retained Amalgam Splints” Journal of the American Dental Society.
1983 “A Functional Jaw Devise to Aid in Treating Anterior Displaced Discs”, June-Aug. 1983,Vol 1, No 3, The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice.
1985 “Repositioning the Mandible Anteriorly with Fixed Composite Overlays”, March-May 1985, Vol 3, No. 2, Journal of Craniomandibular Practice.
1989 “Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Malocclusion with Fixed Overlay Composite Restoration (FOCR) April 1989 Vol 10, Issue 1, The Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery.
1991 “Treatment of Temporomandibular Disease with Intravenous Colchicine”, January 1991, Vol 9, No. 1, The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice.

1978 “Dental Consultations Made Easy” (out of print)
1980 “Handbook of TMJ Modalities” (out of print)
1987 “Rebirth Pains” (logical rationale for the Christian Faith) – target publication date Dec. 04
1988 “The Creek, the Cave, and the Farmer” (Novella) unpublished
1990 “Varietal” (Novella) unpublished
1992 “Shield” (Novella) unpublished
1993 “AIDS – Confusion in Black and White” (Rationale for the Disease and it’s logical conclusion) (out of print)
2004 “Rebirth Pains” (Political, Philisophical, and Historic aspect of American Christianity)
2006 “Roman Baptist” (Comparison of the two major divisions in Christianity: Roman Catholicism and Protestanism)

Community and Professional Positions Held:
Chairperson United Way of Western Orleans County 1972-4
School Board Member Lyndonville Central School 1972-4
Inducted into “The Academy of Dentistry International” 10/15/92
Past President Tri-County Dental Society
Past President Orleans County Dental Society
Ethics Committee Eighth District Dental Society 1977-present
Peer Review Committee Eighth District Dental Society 1972-present
Past Director Christian Education Department Yates Baptist Church
Past Sunday School Superintendent Yates Baptist Church
Past Youth Director Yates Baptist Church
Past Deacon Yates Baptist Church
Past Chairperson and co-founder Board of Directors Orleans County Care Net Pregnancy Center
Weekly Columnist “Medina Journal Register” 2002 to July 2004
Weekly columnist, Batavia Daily News, Livingston County News, August 2004 to present
Contributing columnist, various print media 1982 to present

Membership Dental Societies (past and present):
American Dental Society
Academy of General Dentistry
New York State Dental Society
Eighth District Dental Society
Tri-County Dental Society
Orleans County Dental Society
Society for Occlusal Studies
American Academy of Gnathology
Northeast Gnathologic Society
Academy of Operative Dentistry
N.Y.S. Academy of Practice Administration
American Institute of Hypnosis
Academy of Neurologic and Orthopaedic Surgery
American Analgesic Society
American Prosthetic Society
Alumni Association of Student Clinicians – American Dental Society
American Orthodontic Society

United States Patent 1983 “Functional Orthopaedic Devise to Reposition Mandible”
United States Patent 1985 “Neocclusion – Fixed Composite Overlays to Reposition Mandible Anteriorly”
Golden Pen Award 1993 – literary awards for published editorial