The Perfect Economic Storm

Troble Brewing

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: “the U.S. has just experienced it’s coldest climatological winter in five years.  It was the coldest winter globally since 2001 … The recent warming of the planet has peaked and the Earth has started to turn cooler.” Yet through the science of smoke and mirrors, liberals have achieved the Perfect Economic Storm by selling the world (United Nations) on global warming. Every school child knows that good science is truth, and that truth is based on logic, something that Aristotle called the “tool of science”. Therefore, if one can suspend logic (relativism), one can manipulate truth. If one can manipulate ‘truth’, one can control the economic and social atmosphere. And that is exactly what has happened to this topsy-turvy society when the left followed Europe into Political Correctness. Merely a cursory look at the fable of global warming finds it defective and largely responsible for our economic woes. This myth has been perpetuated by that renowned scientist, Al Gore. Al Gore wouldn’t know a test tube from an umbrella, yet he has been anointed by world media as a ‘scientist’. If he is so scientific why wasn’t he awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics? Why the Nobel Peace Prize and Academy Award, popularity contests, rather than awards requiring hard scientific data? Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” is full of convenient half truths, innuendos, and bad science.
But don’t just blame the left, the political right, fearing the wrath of the Politically Correct (PC), agreed the earth must be warming and it was carbon emissions that were at fault. Of course it matters not to politicians that there was no hard data to support this conclusion, it mattered only that this was a great opportunity to become PC. The global warming experts are openly perplexed by the cooling oceans, but state an explanation will be forthcoming. Rather than look at this as proof, or at least evidence, that their logic is flawed, they insist on clinging fast to their theory. Experts say even the ice caps have failed to co-operate with Gore, as they are forming new and greater quantities of ice in the past few years. Moreover, many scientists are now concluding the obvious; it was/is not carbon emissions that cause climate change, but our sun and the dynamics of the oceans which has been responsible for the recurring warming and cooling cycles throughout history.
This columnist believes that global warming is not only a farce, but was calculated to stall the economy just before the elections and has all but succeeded. It has had the effect of abandoning oil exploration by America and earmarking most of the corn crop for the alternative fuel of alcohol. Therefore, corn as a commodity has skyrocketed. This has had a domino effect to encourage farmers to meet the demand and grow more corn rather than soy beans, wheat, oat, etc, therefore these grains have followed suite and the costs have grown exponentially and all now fear a spirally inflationary cycle. The domino effect has reached other food products such as dairy and meat products because almost all domestic animals need corn to produce eggs, milk, and meat. Consumers understand that their dollar no longer stretches as far as it did merely a year ago and when that occurs voters usually express their anger at the polls. Clinton 1 defeated Bush 1 on these very principles: ‘it’s the economy stupid’ and the abandonment of conservative values. It matters not that the fix is logically easy: drill for oil in America (converting oil form the shale in Colorado and Utah, along with reserves in Alaska, and off shore would make us independent of foreign sources in a few years), construct new nuclear and clean coal burning power plants, construct new refineries, and develop alternative renewable energy sources like hydrogen. But, unless proposed and initiated by Bush 2 this easy fix may be too little too late to elect a Republican President, and the Perfect Economic Storm may win the day.