Pay No Attention to My Mentor in My Closet


Mentor – advisor, counselor, guide, tutor, teacher, guru
Pastor – minister, counselor
Those are synonyms for the two words ascribed to Rev. Jeremiah Wright by presidential front runner Sen. Barrack Obama. So it was with more than passing interest that I listened to some of Rev. Wright’s sermons. After researching and writing two books on Christian Theology and having a personal brush with two cults, Wright is amongst the most divisive ministers I have ever encountered. This man is blatantly anti-American as well as anti-Christian. The sermons I heard from his pulpit could better be described as blasphemy than blessing. Where is Christ’s message of love and forgiveness? Amongst other accusations Wright makes: he claimed the United States government was responsible for formulating and spreading the AIDS Virus; for importing drugs to keep the African American population from success; and that Bill Clinton did to his race what he did to Monica (making gyrating motions while ranting). But most importantly, from the pulpit he stated he could not say God bless America, but shouted, God d…n America.
I have some very serious questions for the Senator. The first is one on hypocrisy. You have traveled from coast to coast sprading the message of hope and bringing America together through change; how could you support and worship at a church with a racist as your ‘self confessed’ mentor and spiritual leader? What is more, any rational American could be excused for hearing that narrow-mindedness once, and then fleeing, but for twenty years? I must question the sincerity of your message.

Second, were that rhetoric spewed from a white pulpit the tax exempt status of that church, synagogue, or mosque would have been suspended … it is time for equality, it is time to expose and stamp out bigotry for what it is: abhorrent from either side of the race card. You must insist that this church, your church, lose its tax exempt status.
Third, it is time to explain what you mean by change. Another prominent Democrat promised change and was swept into office merely one year ago, Gov. Elliot Spitzer. After his oath of office he promised: “things will now change”. I think New Yorkers will agree that Spitzer’s changes were untenable and harmful.
Folks, it is not enough to merely disassociate yourself from these xenophobic and anti-American statements, Americans must know why the Senator choose this man and this church to lead and influence himself and his family… for twenty long years.

Why I am no longer a Democrat …/

Finally America must understand that this rhetoric is not being exposed solely from the Rev. Wright’s pulpit, but can be seen as a daily occurrence from far left Internet sites like the Code Pink, the Daily Kos, or Furthermore, the main reason that this man has risen as a front runner is not only his charisma and message, but because Hilary has not been able to criticize his extreme views, to do that she would have alienated the wing of the party. Combine those facts with most main stream Democrats aligning themselves with this leader, and the conclusion is undeniable and terrifying: the anti-American venom which Rev. Wright is spewing from his pulpit, is the same agenda supported by the mainstream Democratic Party.

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