Month: January 2017

Bones: Fed Judge Trumps Trump? Really? …

Bones Fed Judge Trumps Trump?  Really? … If you haven’t noticed lately we do live in interesting times.  The media and the administration are in an all-out war for the hearts and minds of the American Public.  So far, the President is winning.  Not that the hate Trump people can or will ever be convinced,… Read more »

Why Doesn’t the Left Want to Explore Voter Fraud?

Bones: Why Doesn’t the Left Want to Explore Voter Fraud? If you have been following this blog you will remember that I have championed the thorough investigation of voter fraud across the fruited plains for many years.  I stated that experts claim there are millions of dead folks that are still registered to vote.  And,… Read more »

Trumped… What He Has Accomplished to Date

Bones… Trumped… What He Has Accomplished to Date It’s been less than a week and many will agree the Obama Legacy is all but a bad memory.  But what the left does not understand, as demonstrated by the crassness of the woman’s march, is that ‘we the people’ are not black or white or red… Read more »

Bones: The Million Woman’s March… a Lesson in Radicalism

  Bones: The Million Woman’s March… a Lesson in Radicalism  Below Trump supporter’s hair set a blaze by ‘peaceful’ protester. As I observed the women marching in Washington several questions came to mind: 1.Who Organized it? Pastor Dan (our oldest son) just text me a little known fact of who organized this march: … A… Read more »

Twas the The Night Before Chemo and …. the Dread of Chemotherapy

Words of Wisdom: “A Little Song, a Little Dance, a Little Seltzer in Your Pants”… Chuckles the Clown (Mary Tyler Moore Show) The Dread of Chemotherapy Tomorrow I begin IV chemotherapy for metastatic prostate cancer. The night before my first IV Chemo treatment my emotions and self talk were all over the place:  Strange, I… Read more »

Bones … Musings from the Center

Bones Musings from the Center As I ponder the happenings of 2016 I think mostly about worldwide elections with nationalism v. globalism as the main issue. What has become obvious and most tragic is that the clear majority seems to favor nationalism, with the exception of the radical left (read that Democrats in USA) and… Read more »

Old Testament Repeating Itself?; Prayers; Lighter Side

  Together we make a family. “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”  Words of Wisdom … Lord: Take me when I am used up, but use me until I am taken. WDB ****************** Dr. B’s New Website: All articles archived, all books available with… Read more »