Month: November 2016

Pope Exonerates Abortion? Hardly.

William the Unworthy: Pope Muddies the Water… Abortion and Personal Property Yesterday Pope Francis gave the authority, heretofore reserved for Bishops, to absolve the sin of abortion. This edict will be for only one year during the ‘Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy’. As a former Roman Catholic I did not know that only a bishop… Read more »

Assassination and Rape… Really?

Bones Violence from the Left… Rape and Assassination…   Rape and assassination, really?  Over an election, really?  The guy isn’t taking office for another two months and some on the left are encouraging and threatening the rape of the next First Lady, Melania, and murder of the President-Elect.  That is some kind of ‘tolerance’. I… Read more »

Dishonesty Reigns as Millions of Illegals Voted

Bones Dishonesty Reigns … Millions of Non-citizens and Deceased Voted The popular vote seems to be the cry of the left as President Elect Donald Trump awaits his inauguration.  Yet it has been revealed that approximately 3 million non-citizens (illegal aliens) voted in this election and virtually all of them for Hillary Clinton. Three million… Read more »

The Scariest Verses in the Bible

William the Unworthy… The Scariest Verses in the Bible – all Verses ESV Matthew 7:22-23 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers… Read more »

Prayer Updates

I have been unable to post for the past few days so I have had to post ‘piece meal’  … Prayer… Use Me Lord Lord Jesus I lift these requests: Friend Sonya unspoken request – continue to pray Eydie close friend, shingles on face and eyes… very painful condition My Medical Mentor Dr M. Dewy… Read more »

Veteran's Day… A Day to Return Thanks

Veteran’s Day is a day to return thanks to those who unselfishly were willing to risk life and limb so that we may be guaranteed the freedoms in the Bill of Rights.  And perhaps that is the message to take away from the election results of Tuesday last. Nationalism Won the Day  By now you… Read more »

God Honors Prayers and Fasting with Miracles

William the Unworthy God Honors Prayers and Fasting with Miracles… This past week has seen America recover from perhaps the most contested political election in our life time.  The results seem to have threatened some with loss of security, other with elation that their freedoms will be restored.  Whatever your side it is obvious that… Read more »

The American Election: Samson v. Jezebel

Bones: The American Election: Samson v. Jezebel The Old Testament is filled with folks that fall far short of the mark called ‘moral’. As I look at the critters running for president I am reminded of two of them. The first is Samson. Born in a miraculous fashion. Raised by moral parents. Yet when he… Read more »