Month: October 2013

William the Unworthy… My Friend Greg Still Being Used

William the Unworthy… Here is How My Friend and Surrogate Son Gregg is Still Being Used … Use me Lord Introduction to DDP Poem Written by: Gregg Traxler Forwarded by: Debbie Traxler (Gregg’s wife) The author to this poem was a very dear man; Gregg Traxler.  A brief description of who Gregg was: He was… Read more »

David Gets His Own Radio Talk Show; Prayer Update; Lighter Side

Family Update: David will begin hosting his own talk radio show on WBEN radio 930 on the AM dial.  Of course you can tune in all over the nation on smart phones (Tunin Radio App or WBEN App) or on the Internet David will host the “David Bellavia Show” from 10 p.m. to 1:00… Read more »

“Law of the Land” Indeed

Home Biography Mission Statement Philosophy of the Centrist Links Rebirth Pains Roman Baptist Archives the Centrist Dr. Bill Bellavia “Law of the Land” Indeed   We have been told by the media and its Democrat allies that Obamacare must be funded because it is the “Law of the Land”.  They act as if Congress and… Read more »

Medical Update… Good News, Bad News; Prayer Update

Good News Bad News from Cleveland Clinic… A funny thing happened when I was having the aneurysm checked today in Cleveland.  My caring physician came in and said… “This is a good news bad news scenario.” “Really” said I, “Good news first.” “Good news is the aneurysm has grown very minimally.  The walls of the… Read more »