Month: September 2013

Prayer Update … Some Urgent

“Use Me Lord” Prayer Requests and Updates: Daughter Betsy (Dan) had the contrast MRI and is being sent to yet another specialist.  It revealed a blood vessel abnormality and may likely need surgery. Good friend Len VS died last week in Florida after a long battle with cancer they will be having funeral on Saturday, please… Read more »

Attack Syria… Seriously?

Best of Bones… Attack Syria… Seriously?     The problem with Syria is not that they used saran gas, but how and why they used the gas.  First let’s look at the how.  How did they get it?  The most plausible explanation is that it was shipped there from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the same… Read more »

Prayer Update… Lighter Side… Under-Reported Stories

Under Reported Stories From Dr Ken: Over 50 churches burned in Egypt by Islamic Brotherhood… and America wants to side with them in Syria? ***************** From Dr Ken Can You Believe it?  Iowa Democrats thank God for Abortion… ******************** Barack Obama is proving an embarrassing amateur on the world stage compared to George… Read more »