Month: December 2009

Camdyn's Surgery; Prayer, Blogger's, Lighter Side, and More

Dear Friends and Family; I normally publish this blog on Wed. nights, but we just got an update on our niece Camdyn. She has undergone surgery for a ‘hole’ in her aorta and ventricle. They accomplished a definitive repair on the aorta, and a ‘patch’ repair on the ventricle. She is presently in the recovery… Read more »

Prayer, Lighter Side, Blogger's Corner… Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and family; As you await the coming of one of the most Holiest of Times in History… take time to be thankful. Take time to rejoice, not in anything material, but that God came to earth to become flesh, because He so loved us, he would rather die than live without us… to… Read more »

Breast Cancer and Soy Products; Prayer Requests; Lighter Side and More

Dear friends and family: Blogger’s Corner: From Pam: A very good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her name is Cathy, please say a pray for Her, she has a very long road ahead of her Here is a related article on breast cancer. It is a reversal on Soy products… Read more »

It's All about Power Stupid; Bribes and Health Care; Exit Before Victory?; Climate Scandal Deepens; Birth Certificate Still An Issue; Lighter Side

It’s all about power, stupid. That is the cry of the professional politician. While it is true that there is more sincerity, in my opinion, on the right, that on the left, make no mistake, both sides seek power, personal power. Political power is a type of aphrodisiac to these people. It matters not if… Read more »

Swine Flu Vaccine and Autism; Christmas List… Naughty and Nice Update; Prayer Requests; and Lighter Side (some Really funny stuff)

Swine Flu Vaccine and Autism; ACLU; Christmas List… Naughty and Nice Update; Prayer Requests; and Lighter Side (some Really funny stuff) Dear Friends and Family; Here is a much requested article on Swine Flu Vaccine and Autism: From two sources: Autism and Swine Flu Vaccine • Seasonal Influenza (Flu) • Preventing Flu • Questions &… Read more »