Month: November 2009

Major Stories: Under Reported Global Warming Proven a Hoax (with four articles to back my editorial); Attorney General Eric Holder: Congress Doesn’t Count ACORN Will Be Funded; Lighter Side Blogger’s Corner; Michele Malkin’s “Biggest Turkey’s of the Yea

(Shhhh, don’t tell Marilyn I included this, but scroll to the end of the blog to see the woman with the two bigest boobs in history) Man Induced Global Warming a Hoax… I guess the very first time my god was challenged was about 1973. My Dad had recovered from a serious heart attack and… Read more »

Moday Tease; Prayer Update; Lighter Side; Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 (Swine Flu);

We Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving The Next Political Article (Monday): Since only /Fox has carried the exposure of secret e-mails proving that Global Warmingsis Is A Hoax… emails from the top Global Warming Scientists and Universities in the World revealing they purposely hid, deleted, and changed data to support their thesis… and protect the… Read more »

The Week from a Centrist Viewpoint:Why No Mention of Social Security in Obama Socialism?; A 10 Year Old's Fifteen Minutes, Health Care and More

The Week from a Centrist Viewpoint: Why No Mention of Social Security in Obama Socialism? The one major broken portion of our society not targeted by the Obama Administration for radical revision has been Social Security… even though it will soon be bankrupt. Don’t forget, this is an administration that has not been shy about… Read more »

Prayer Requests, Flu Updates, and The Lighter Side

Life is not about avoiding the storms, it is about learning to live with the rain. Dear Friends and Family: More on the Swine Flu and some repeated from last week: Associated Press New studies show that many people spread swine flu for a week or more after symptoms first appear, and doctors say coughing… Read more »

A Terrorist is a Terrorist, Must Read Articles on Illegals and Census, Medical Bill, and much more, Bloggers Corner on Ode to America, Democrats and Lawyers, etc. , and the Lighter Side

The USS New York Partially Constructed from Metal Salvaged from the Twin Towers A Terrorist is a Terrorist is a Terrorist Never argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. But it appears, when it comes to foreign policy be it Bush or Obama, all we have are idiots… Read more »

Lighter Side; Flu Advice; Prayer Requests

Lighter Side; Flu Advice; Prayer Requests Life is not about avoiding the storms, it is about learning to live with the rain. Dear Friends and Family: THE LATEST ON SWINE FLU… According to Fox News (pediatrician 11/3/09) the great majority of children who have died due to this flu have died when they have relapsed,… Read more »

To Vaccinate or Not… That is the Question; Dismantling of America by T. Sowell; The Third Envelope by C.Krauthammer; the Lighter Side

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question… Many have asked how I feel about immunization, especially H1N1, Swine flu. First, let’s talk about immunizations in general. We can start with a bit of history and the process itself, which has historically saved more lives than perhaps any other single procedure in history…. Read more »