Month: March 2009

Prayer Requests, Holy Humor, Profound

Dear Friends and Family; I am getting this out early for two reasons… Serious stuff should never be sent on April’s Fool’s Day and the second is the computer virus threat for tomorrow. So, read, enjoy, and pray…\ Profound Side… I found this on the Internet this morning… Without getting into embarrassing details, my son… Read more »

A Mistake A Day Administration; The Lighter Side

It seems this Administration makes a major mistake a day. Perhaps first and foremost is the ongoing disingenuousness of a party and a man who promised sincerity, bipartisanship, and transparency and has delivered none. While they tell us hard times are ahead and we need to tighten our belts, they continue their weekly parties serving… Read more »

Why I Am a Capitalist; Prayer Update and Requests; Profound, Memory, and Lighter Sides (You Gotta See the Piece on Hitler, the Buffalo Bills, and TO submitted by Dr Tim)

Dear Friends and Family; Why I Choose Capitalism: There are so many topics which are pertinent to America’s dilemma, but perhaps nothing is as important as the decision our President has made to change our economy from one of Capitalism to one of Socialism. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but perhaps because Capitalism works… Read more »