Month: January 2009

Random Observations; the Lighter Side; Prayer List; Alinsky's Rules

Dear Family and Friends: Random Observations: We are perilously close to a point where our freedom of speech will be taken away, i.e. the ‘freedom doctrine’, an attempt to gag the conservative talk radio stations. Add to that the pilfering of yet another Senate seat, this time in Minnesota by Al Fraken (not final yet,… Read more »

The End of the Two Party System; The Lighter Side

As I See It Defeat of the Two Party System Perhaps the appointment of a Blue Dog, Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, by New York State’s Governor Patterson to fill the Senate Seat of Sec. of State Hilary Clinton is an example of how the Democrats may eliminate the two party system. First, as I see it,… Read more »

Article: Briefly Exposed; "In My Opinion", the Lighter Side

Briefly Exposed: I can remember it was but a few decades ago I could look at my body without total revulsion. I was exercising regularly, without anything but the ‘good pain’ of muscles expanding. Now, the joints have turned to concrete and muscles to lard, and with those changes pain is a daily event. Bending,… Read more »

Beware of Rampant Inflation… It is Impossible to Spend Our Way Out of Recession… Unless We Print More Money; Lighter Side, Including New Prostate Exam

Finally, I think I’ve got this economy figured out. When I was but a young dentist I suffered through what was, up to now, the most egregious economy since the Great Depression. We called it the Carter Administration, the press refused to call it the Carter Recession. As in all recessions, after a brief time… Read more »

Technology and Me … I Draw the Line; Lots of Lighter Side

Dan called me all excited that he had bought the family a new flat screen and DVR blue something or another. It reminded me of Rand’s latest acquisition. He was recently showing his father-in-law and I his latest technology. It was very impressive, albeit a bit confusing. With his system he could view hundreds of… Read more »