Month: December 2008

Prayer Requests, Lighter Side, Updates, and More

Marilyn with Grandson Chris Dear Friends and Family: Happpy New Year. May the Lord bring joy, peace, and love to you and your family in the upcoming year … bless you all. After prayer requests and updates, enjoy the Lighter Side at the end (three of them). But first perhaps some facts you didn’t know… Read more »

Prayer Requests, Praises, Book Reviews, Freedoms, Lighter Side, and More

Freedom of Religion … Claim It or Lose It As our faith is attacked at this holiest of seasons, it is time for Christians to stand and fight. How do we fight, well since these secularists worship materialism, the best thing to do is simply not shop where our Holy Days are not recognized. For… Read more »

Say It Ain’t So O, Say It Ain’t So; David Reads Battle Scene from His Book:"House to House";Lighter Side: Forest Gump Goes to Heaven

But I have one last observation: As a scientist I was taught that there is no such thing as a coincidence; as a Christian I was taught that an extraordinary (irrational or unexplainable) incidence is called a miracle, so which is it folks a miracle or a coincidence? While we await the possible resignation or impeachment of Blagojevich, we also wait for a coherent statement from our President-elect … I have but one request, for the sake of our nation … Say it aint’s so O, say it ain’t so.

When a Grapefruit Isn't … Lighter Side with Jamestown Patti

I can remember planting the tree merely five years ago. It had a couple of rather large grapefruit on it. So I planted it in the landscape of Bellavia South. I imagined how great would be the taste of that all American breakfast fruit. But alas, those two fell off never reaching maturation, so they… Read more »