Month: November 2008

Virus Alert for the Holiday (this one is real); Prayer Requests; Lighter Side from Jamestown Patti; a Third Party Descriptive Analysis of My Writings (pay attention Sandy!)… and More

Dear Friends and Family: First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving! I think this prayer expresses my feelings on this most wonderful Holiday(from the bulletin of Yates Baptist): Just this once, O God, I’d like to come to you with no problems, but simply to say ‘Thank You’. For your forgiveness when I fail; for the sheer… Read more »

Yes We Can or No We Can't?

“First Snow with the Only Hope … Old Glory” Apparently in an about face the Obama people are leaking that, although they have been chanting “yes we can” to everything from the environment to the economy, they are now asking Americans to dampen down their expectations. In a CBS report emanating from Chicago by Mike… Read more »

Take Time to Rejoice in America's Melting Pot

Most of my apprehension about the election of an inexperienced un-vetted candidate is now being lamented by the main stream media. Tom Brokaw, the moderator of the Presidential ‘town hall debate’, last week on the Charlie Rose Show (11/7/08) lamented the fact that ‘nobody really knows Obama’s philosophy or his foreign policy’. He in effect… Read more »

I Pray I Was Wrong And Fear I Was Right

Dear friends and family; The election is over, I hope and pray I was wrong in my judgment and voting advice. The President Elect promised change, and I pray that that change will be good for America. Folks, although my mind and fears have not been altered, my prayers have. My prayer has always been… Read more »