Month: October 2008

Article: I knew RFK, and Senator Obama you are no RFK; Pictures of "Our" Marine;Lighter Side of Being 54 and Definition of Political Correctness

Dear friends and family: Congratulations to our grandson Scott for becoming the first Marine in our immediate family. Uncle Les and our great friend Richard welcome you to this unique and exclusive form of patriotism. Dan, Betsy, and Jen … good job. Proud family: Dan, Betsey far left; Jen (Scott’s Mom) and Chelsea (Scott’s soon… Read more »

Is the Election Over … Has It been Stolen? Lighter Side and Prayer Requests

Dear friends and family; Acorn and its Democratic operatives may have already stolen the election with illegal absentee ballots … while simultaneously disallowing military ballots in some counties of Virginia (see attached). Voter fraud is not new to our nation. There have been contested campaigns in my lifetime. One only needs to remember JFK, in… Read more »

The Dismal Debate

It’s been about 24 hours since the debate. I simply was too frustrated to talk about it last night. Today two bloggers called and asked my opinion, even after listening the pundits, and the spinners, I have concluded that H should be winning by a landslide by this time. The problem is H himself. He… Read more »

Columbus Day at the White House – What an Honor

David, Marilyn, myself and a few of his Staff Okay, this isn’t Washington, but doesn’t Old Glory look magnificant in the Western New York Fall (our yard). Dear folks; I’ll comment on the debate tonight or tomorrow, in the mean while on Monday, Columbus Day, we were privileged to be on the south lawn of… Read more »

The Debate, Lighter Side, Politic Americana, and Prayer Requests

Dear folks; As far as the debate last night, let me ask you one question: did you learn anything you did not know, that is if you were able to stay awake the entire time? I actually took notes to keep my attention riveted on these guys. What kind of “Town Hall Meeting” is it… Read more »

ACORN:From Populist to Radical in One Generation

A Liberal friend asked me in a mini-debate the other day, “Do you Republicans see Obama as white or black?” Then condescendingly, “You do realize his mother was white and his father was African.” “We see him as neither, we see him as inexperienced and dangerously radical.” My former party, the party of my mentor… Read more »