Month: September 2008

The Debate in a Word … Boring

The USS New York City – made entirely from scraps of the Twin Towers My favorite philosophers once judged his society with this statement: ‘Weep not that our society is decadent, weep that it is paltry” (S. Kierkegaard). And over 100 years later, that is as apt a description of our society as it was… Read more »

Prayer Requests, Update on Dan, In Case of Emergency Info from Marilyn

Prayer Requests: Update on our son Passtor Dan … Dan was admitted to hospital today for treatment and diagnosis of pelivc infection … the infection has spread to the kidneys and we are not certain the genesis of the infection. I spoke to him this evening and he has had two CT scans so we… Read more »

From Gaffs to Blasphemy

It was a week of gaffs from the Democratic ticket. On Tuesday Biden asked Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham to stand for recognition, failing to realize he was bound to a wheelchair (9/10/08). The next day, while addressing a New Hampshire crowd, he confessed Obama used poor judgment in choosing him as the Vice Presidential… Read more »

Newsflash: Hilary is Not on the Ticket

The party was in a conundrum. How could the Democrats counter a real self made woman, a true feminist? She cooks, cleans, hunts, fishes, eats moose, is well read, writes, speaks eloquently, has served on a city council, been a mayor and governor, as well as a reformer. She has fought the corrupt cronies in… Read more »