Month: August 2008

Article: Putin Power, and Petro; Swans and Much More

Putin, Power, and Petro Perhaps Sen. John McCain said it best, ‘President Bush looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and saw his soul, and I looked into them and saw the KGB.’ The attempted annexation of the small but strategic nation of Georgia by brute force should not have come as a surprise to any, but… Read more »

Prayer Requests; Medical Re-evaluation on the overweight; Fluorides are not all the Equal

Our Front Pond Dear Friends and family; DENTAL STUDY …. FLUORIDE IS NOT FLUORIDE: Two separate studies revealed that while most major brands of tooth paste have the same amounts of fluoride available, Aquafresh Advanced marketed under Aquafresh Fresh n Minty … provided significantly more uptake of available fluoride and showed more remineralization than other… Read more »

Urgent Prayer Requests

Dear friends and family; I have two special and urgent prayer requests: The first is for my brother Pat. He was to return home from the hospital yesterday, but his liver enzymes have increased drastically. That is not good news and can mean one of several problems … none of them good. I ask you… Read more »

Prayer Requests, Swan Sighting, David and Scott Updates

Dear friends and family: On the Bellavia front, David has returned to Iraq with Vets for Freedom. Please keep him in prayer for safety, traveling mercy, and a success bringing the soldiers and Marines message back to the States. You can follow their exploits on Scott and David at Rand’s wedding. Our other military… Read more »