Month: June 2008

It's the Price of Oil Stupid!

This was the week that the Supreme Court handed down two important decisions. The first was that the death sentence cannot be carried out on anybody who has not committed a capital offense (the decision was about child rapists, but the effect will be as I have described). The second was that the right to… Read more »

David on Cover of Soldier of Fortune Magazine; Prayer Request

Dear freinds and family; The photo is our David. He is featured on the cover of this month’s edition of “Soldier of Fortune Magazine”. The feature story is about his mission on Fallujah. If you get a chance buy the “Soldier of Fortune Magazine”. That is our David on the cover and they have re-printed… Read more »

Yes We Can; Timothy's Sage goes to Australia

a href=’’> Sage is building a reputation down under: Apparently our son Timmy’s children’s books have an international life of their own and have reached the shores of Australia! College student, Will Dorrell decided to do his teaching practicum based on Tim’s “We Are All The Same Inside”, our son Tim’s children’s book series. He… Read more »

Prayer Requests, Swans, and Stories

Dear friends and family: Enjoy the following: The photos you see are of the pair of swans that have nested on our river bank. They have four little ones and we are watching them closely. My nephew Paul took some of the photos when he visited. He is has his Master’s Degree in English and… Read more »

Article: America Lost; Gardening Tips on Eliminating Weeds Easily

In the recent Supreme Court Decision, Boumediene v. Bush, the Court, in the narrowest of margins, 5-4, gave away the sovereignty of the nation. A nation is sovereign because it grants to its citizens and only its citizens certain protections. Amongst the most sacred is the right of Habeas Corpus, or a fair and speedy… Read more »

Prayer Requests; Note from Norma and Mr. Clean

Dear friends and family: This was the week of my 64th birthday, my grandkids made it one of the most memorable … I got to talk to all four my sons, as well as all four of Dan’s sons, and David’s two sons (4 sons and 6 grandsons) … got a birthday song from Betsey,… Read more »

Article: Drill Here and Drill Now; Marilyn's Musings and a Note From Norma

Dear Friends and Family: Prayer request: From our Norma: Please put my grandson, Cory, on your prayer list.  He has been in hosp. since last Monday. He has stomach pain and nausea. This P.M, Dr. changed med to Demerol for pain and a nausea med. Tues. cardiologist will do an angiogram to check the circulation…. Read more »

Prayer Request and Update on Congressional Run

Dear friends and family: As many of you know our son David has dropped out of the Congressional race in the 26th District. His choice not to run a primary and split the party (I am certain he would have won the primary if he could have raised the money) was his main concern. The… Read more »

Scott McClellan … Friend or Fraud?

As I look at former Press Secretary Scott McClellan, and the reviews of his book, “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception “, I have come to wonder is the former secretary a friend or a fraud? McClellan was appointed solely because was a long standing Bush family friend from… Read more »