Month: May 2008

Prayer Requests, Note from Norma

Dear friends and family: Well, today was our first day to see our eagles return close up, they flew around our flag and gave us chills as we were dining in our summer house … a scene which will be with me until I die … a scene which inspired a deeper patriotism… Our peony… Read more »

Common Ground for the Theist and Atheist

This is the day that America sets aside to honor our war dead. We call it appropriately “Memorial Day”. If you are able to read this it is due to those who have gone before and unselfishly gave their lives so that we could live in freedom. This is a day when I feel theists,… Read more »

Best of the Week from: Marilyn, Norma, and Richard, and Prayer Requests

Dear friends and family: Prayer Requests: Keep brothers Pat (in need of liver transplant) in prayer as his temperature is again spiking; brother Gerard is having tests for heart problems, prayer partner Ron has had several biopsies, pray they are benign, and a praise, good friend Ken is doing well after two knee replacements! Marilyn’s… Read more »

Obama's Chaos of Consiliation

Chris Wallace (Fox News): ‘But Gov. Dean (Chairman of the Democratic National Committee), you can see on this clip that your ad clearly takes out of content the meaning of what Sen. McCain said. He did not say that he wished to be fighting a war in Iraq for 100 years, rather he was comparing… Read more »

Article: Patriotism or Partisanship? Minorities from Davenport Richard

What is a patriot? Ultimately Patriotism is not decided by who does or does not wear a flag on his or her lapel; it has and always will reside with those willing to die for the very symbolisms of their allegiance, flag and country. Their willingness to risk life and limb for the safety and… Read more »

Word's Have Meanings … and Revolutionaries Revolt

Dear friends and family: I am sorry I missed my deadline yesterday for my article. It has been a whirlwind few days. My brother Paul (sister Sandy’s) brother passed away on Friday. Marilyn and I spend the Sunday and Monday with them, the viewing hours were on Sunday and funeral on Monday. Paul’s Mom was… Read more »