Month: September 2007

What Kind of a Story Are We In?, Timmy and Sesame Street; John's Journey and Bush's Mistake; Bill Mc and Marilyn

America … What Kind of Story Are We In? “What kind of story are we in Froto?” Sam, the lovable Hobbit, asks his best friend in Tolkien’s Trilogy, “Lord of the Ring”. The Trilogy is thought by many to be the most significant narrative of the twentieth century. With that in mind, perhaps nothing captures… Read more »

Why Do Some Americans Hate America?

Why do they hate America? Why do so many Americans hate America? When I saw Rep. Dennis Kucinich standing in front of the microphones in Syria, I was reminded that he considers himself a patriotic American who is running for President. Can you grasp that fact? An American Presidential Candidate denouncing our troops, the war,… Read more »

Durbin's Turban, prayer update, and lots more

Durban’s Turban On the same day as Osama bin Laden released his tape Senators Durbin and Reed held press conferences, and spoke not a word against the murderous marauder responsible for the death of thousands of Americans. Their venom was spewed on a General who merely months ago they anointed as America’s only hope. It… Read more »

Political Warning: Catgegory 5 Spin from Washington

As I pondered what subject to tackle this week I was researching and preparing an article which would show all of the political scandals from the past 20 years and compare two aspects of the scandal. The first would be the seriousness of the action. For instance, I contend things that influence elections, i.e. bringing… Read more »