Month: July 2007

Prosecutors … They Just Don't Get It

            Let me make something clear about the two border guards (Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean) sitting in a federal prison sentenced to at least ten years apiece for shooting a fleeing illegal alien drug runner: ‘We the people’ , or at least a great majority of us, feel the same way about this prosecutor as… Read more »

Sleepless in the Senate

The all night charade sponsored by the Democratically controlled Senate was all but a bust … in no small part because of a group of combat veterans called Vets for Freedom.  They are a group of combat Vets from the War on Terror.  Vets for Freedom was initially founded to repudiate fallacious comments about the troops and… Read more »

Global Warming or Hot Air?

I sat in my study contemplating how Robert Kennedy, Jr. … could be the son and name sake of my political mentor, RFK.  A good example is his recent statement: those who disagree with him on global warming are both “traitors and treasonous”.  Are we to conclude that disagreeing with the Carbon Dioxide Theory of… Read more »

Is God Real?

Evolution, atheism, and the illegitimacy of morality are scientific facts right?  That depends on if God is or isnt.  You see, if God is, then His existence does not depend on either my or your belief.  He is who He is, or He isnt.  Moreover, Jesus is either the Creator of the Universe, or a… Read more »

True Bipartisanship

  Against the peoples will three Presidential candidates, two Democrats (Obama & Clinton), and one Republican (McCain), voted for it, and so did forty three others from both parties.  What was it: The bipartisan amnesty program for illegal aliens.  This was the second, no make that third, try.  It mattered not to the power elite,… Read more »