Month: June 2007

What Is Is

         After reading an article I wrote a few weeks ago, referencing the injustice of the Scooter Libby trial … a blogger said, “See, just like the Clintons.”  I spit my coffee all over my laptop. To compare Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to Ken Star is like comparing District Attorney Mike Nifong to John Jay. … Read more »

"Bloody Harry and Negative Nan"

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I thought the news had it wrong Harry Reid, the head of the Senate, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in the background, stating that we had lost in Iraq and that even though I am not in Bagdad, he knows better than the generals.  He then… Read more »

Hive of Hypocrisy

     This Congress has given a new twist to the “Culture of Corruption”.  Just months ago Reid, Pelosi, et al promised America a new era in integrity … but I guess the idea that they had and still have within their midst a man who was caught on film receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars… Read more »

If It Walks Like a Duck …

Amnesty has become the most avoided word in Washington.  We hear apologists on both sides of the aisle tell us why the new immigration ‘reform’ bill is not amnesty.  They carefully explain that the path to citizenship is long and arduous, and “besides before anything can be done the borders must be sealed”.  Then they… Read more »