Month: May 2007

Can a Christian be a Patriot?

          I have long pondered the dilemma of being a Christian and being a patriot.  Being a Christian demands that I turn the other cheek, give to the needy, love my enemies, etc. … while being a patriot is equally demanding.  It demands that I be willing to give life, limb, and property to my… Read more »

An Invasion of the Needy, Sponsored by the Greedy …

Here we go again, or perhaps more appropriately ‘here they come again’.  First, make no mistake; this ‘immigration bill’ in its present form is amnesty.  And one need only look at the last time amnesty was granted and we were promised security at the border.  That was the Reagan amnesty and has resulted in an… Read more »

Were Bin Laden an American voter … for whom would he vote?

           I have thought long and hard about the war in Iraq.  It has been difficult as our son, nephew, and cousin put themselves into harms way for our safety in a war that has become increasingly politically incorrect.  There are important questions to ask, as I see it these seem to be the… Read more »

Old Earth or Young Earth … Both Take faith

 In my formative years I was often accused of being pragmatic, “too practical and outspoken for my own good” … as my mother would say.  I would dream up new ways of shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, and much to the consternation of me beloved late parents’, fixing things.  My rule was simple, if it… Read more »