Month: April 2007

Just Whose Side Are These Guys On?

Just Whose Side Are These Guys On?            I am outraged at the Democratic Congress’s lack of support for troops they put in harm’s way.  Never forget, they voted for this war, before they politicked against it.  Why not just fly a white flag over the capital building?  After all Senate Majority leader Senator… Read more »

Freedom of the Press and Privacy Rights … Changes are Needed

            This week marked the worst mass murder in American History.  It occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech (VT).  Thirty two individuals were senselessly slaughtered by a psychopath whose primary goal was to gain his fifteen minutes of fame.  He wanted the world to revere his flight into evil’s abyss … as if it was… Read more »

The Duke Rape Case: American White Males in the Cross Hairs of the Politically Correct

  Why is it that only minorities are allowed to ‘mis-speak’, ‘use bad judgment’, or ‘use bad taste’?  Shock Jock Don Imus just lost his job for a thoughtless and indefensible comment which is almost common speech in the Hip Hop culture.  Is the lesson from this misfortune that Political Correctness is applied only to… Read more »

This Congress Has Been Measured … and Found Wanting

            I can remember a friend of mine telling me after the inauguration of President Clinton: ‘Bill, they have made a covenant for the most ethical and moral administration in history.  This president is promising the largest tax cut for the middle class in history.  They will reform health care. How can you as a… Read more »

The Bittersweet Lesson of the Chocolate Jesus

My first reaction to the blasphemy in chocolate was koodos to the Catholics as they frustrated the exhibition of a nude, anatomically correct Jesus.   It was scheduled to go on display in the Roger Smith Hotel’s Lab Gallery in midtown Manhattan during Holy Week.  The hotel pulled the insensitive sculpture after Cardinal Edward Egan got… Read more »