Month: January 2007

Who Is Looking Back From That Mirror?

   Last Sunday was the sixth anniversary of the death of my Mom (Jan. 21, 2001).  As I reflected on her life it seemed funny, the more I thought of her, the more I thought of Dad.  But isn’t that what a good marriage should be all about, after all the two become as one. … Read more »

The Wizard of Odd … DA Nifong

          Perhaps there is no better example of how tenuous it is today to be a young middle class white male in a society gone awry with Political Correctness (PC) than that of the “Duke Lacrosse Rape Case”.  It seems to this columnist that it is obvious that from the beginning these men were considered… Read more »

Abortion … a Matter of Science, not Religion

        I can remember viewing a type of ‘snuff’ film about 30 years ago.  Relax these films are  now outlawed, but the point is that it wasn’t illegal when I viewed it and it didn’t show the wanton illegal killing of human beings, rather the wanton legal killing of human beings.  The film showed an… Read more »

More Troops … Please

           As I ponder the change in strategy for Iraq by our President I cannot help but wonder why he waited so long.  To say that I am disappointed in his candor and or his assessment is an understatement.  More to the point … when we ask such a small segment of our society to… Read more »

Capital Punishment … Pros and Cons

       One of the most difficult issues in today’s society is capital punishment.  This was briefly brought to the forefront with the execution of Saddam Hussein last weekend.  The very idea that there were attempts to stay the execution from American interests underscores the commitment of the anti-capital punishment groups.  Moreover, this is not a… Read more »