Month: December 2006

Addictions Need More Than Just Resolutions …

This is the time of year that we all make promises to ourselves.  We call these promises: “New Year’s Resolutions” and they inevitably involve our obsessions.  Most of us target America’s greatest malady … over eating.  In the over eating category it is no longer uncommon to see families depend almost solely on fast food… Read more »

Now Is All We Ever Have

            When I was in Dental School my friends would tell me that I was too serious.  I would remind them that I was earning my way through and had to support a family, I didn’t have time to ‘play’.  But after I graduated those same friends said the ‘pattern’ continued.  They were right.  They… Read more »

Cut and Run Since WWII …

  Since ending World War II (WWII) with the use of atomic weapons America has suffered a collective guilt complex and that psychosis has become the driving force in our foreign policy.  Therefore, the United States has abandoned its WWII strategy of defeating an enemy and imposing a fair and representative government.  Imposing a government… Read more »

With the First Muslim Elected to Congress and Wishing to Swear His Oath on the Koran … What Are We Afraid of a Congressional Jihad?

          As I pondered the fact that the newly elected Muslim Congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison, will likely take his oath of office on a Koran, not a Bible, I was irritated.  I asked myself these three questions: Isn’t the tradition of the United States for all to swear on the Bible; Didn’t George Washington… Read more »

Will it be politics as usual or as it could be?

Wasn’t it Captain James Tiberius Kirk who stated that: “only Nixon could open the gates of China”?  Similarly it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that many major problems in society can only be fixed with the Democrats running Congress.   Just as Nixon’s reputation as a strident anti-Communist placed him above suspicion as going… Read more »