Month: November 2006

Tragedy Reveals Your Faith, Not Your God …

            As we approach this most holy of seasons for Christians, it is a time for reflection … a time to be thankful for the many blessing.  But in times of peril, and peril abounds, many of us ask: thankful for what?  For instance as we celebrated the survival of a son from a war… Read more »

Bolton, Dogs, Hype or Hope?

Kudos to the Democrats as they planned and executed a campaign bordering on genius … truth is every Republican incumbent seat gained was won by candidates who ran to the right, not the left, of their opponent. These straight talking Blue Dogs will in no small part determine if we will continue to aggressively prevent… Read more »

Simply Vanilla

Simply Vanilla …   When I was a young, albeit, naive and idealistic Christian, I asked my mentor: “Howard, what’s the big deal about Bill Graham? I mean, he gives the same kind of message over and over again, and he seemed so … well, predictable and mundane, just so vanilla.”              He smiled and… Read more »

Vote like your life depended on it … because it does

    If ever there was a time in American History for term limits across the board this is it.  The only solution for the professional politician intent only on her/his re-election is a Constitutional Amendment for term limits at all levels, including the judiciary.  But that will be next time … this time it is what… Read more »