Month: August 2006

The New Left … the Blind Leading the Naive

   Albert Schweitzer once observed that ‘example is not a method of teaching it is the only way to learn’.  Political Correctness (PC) has replaced this tried and true method in 21st century America.  With PC reining as the new American mantra truth has become its victim, spin has become its standard.   The PC Police… Read more »

ABC’s of the Jihad …

            I tried a little experiment about a week or so ago.  I asked some pretty savvy people basic questions on the War on Terrorism, or as I call it, World War III.  They were two separate groups, both consisting of educated men and women, both a mix of liberals and conservatives, both requested I… Read more »

The Same Asylum

Recently one of my bloggers sent me information on a French film maker, Pierre Rehov. Rehov has spent a great deal of time interviewing Islamic terrorists. Much of his work has been done undercover … his findings as well as his conclusions were both chilling and fascinating. Rehov was promoting his latest release “Suicide Killers”… Read more »

It's a Religious War Stupid …

“It’s a religious war stupid” … should be the motto for the next election, but the Democrats are in denial and the Republicans are in retreat, so don’t hold your breath.  But that does not alter the facts … and the first and most important fact just may be that having a democratically elected Islamic… Read more »

Roses and Terrorists

              Last spring I read an article on natural gardening.  Although I have been a successful traditional rose gardener for years I still had limited black spot (fungus) and had to fight those pesky shiny Japanese beetles every year.  So I decided to disdain modern gardening techniques utilizing fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides in favor of… Read more »