Month: July 2006

Media Giants … Aiding and Abetting or Reporting?

It is almost impossible for any nation to win a war without the help of its main stream media. Yet that is what America must do in this war. One would expect with the nation in peril that the national media would support the war effort. Most would assume that an attack on the very… Read more »

Palestinians … who are those guys?

The best way to understand the mindset of militant Islamists in this century is to review their action in the past century.  By the 19th century the Holy land had fallen into disrepair.   The area was controlled by the Turkey (Ottoman Empire 1299-1923) who allowed a repopulating by Jews.  By the turn of the last… Read more »

The DA Lied, and Reputations Died

           One cannot help but compare two recent liberal stances: one is against the Duke Lacrosse Team and the other is the conclusion that Bush lied to get us involved in the Iraq War.    First Duke … after rape accusations against the ‘out of control’ Lacrosse Team at Duke became public, and in no… Read more »