Month: June 2006

Pardon Mr. President

    As I read about the two soldiers who were tortured and whose bodies were mutilated I was certain that this would be the turning point.  This would be the point in which we Americans drew a line in the Iraqi sand, and it would be the line our enemy should never have crossed. … Read more »

Free Press … With an Agenda v. an Organization with Integrity …

According to “The Middle East news website Al Jazeera published a provocative photo purporting to show a “massacre” by Marines in Haditha, Iraq, despite the fact several papers already issued retractions admitting the image was of fishermen executed by terrorists months before the incident under investigation” … Even after a retraction Al Jazeera maintained:… Read more »

Cultic Left Rails Against Coulters Accusations

             Outspoken Conservative author and self proclaimed ‘theologian’ Ann Coulter has come under the attack for accusations she has made in her latest book, an obvious parody of religion, called “Godless, the Church of Liberalism”.  Although almost all reviews are centered on Chapter 5, “Liberals Doctrine of Infallibility: Sobbing Hysterical Women”, the book contains many… Read more »

Polosi's Pileup

It’s time to talk about corruption in Congress, and it pertains to both sides of the aisle.  Unfortunately, perhaps Jay Lenno said it best last week while speaking of Enron’s CEO Ken Lay … ‘He is so corrupt, perhaps we should call him ‘Congressman Lay.’  Recently we have had revelations which have implicated our elected… Read more »