Month: May 2006

They Are No Longer Murtha’s Marines …

There is a very dangerous trend which is coursing through America; the accusation is now more important than the evidence. This can be seen in two very high profile cases, one involves the Lacrosse Team at Duke, and the other the anti-war movement on the left.  With the onset of Congressman John Murtha’s press conference… Read more »

Media bias … the Ignorant Bush Theory

Just six months after CNN televised a big black ‘X’ over the image of the Vice President as he made a speech, they are at it again.  In perhaps the most important Presidential policy speech of the year, they broadcast the President’s rehearsal as part of the live cast.  In my opinion it is but… Read more »

The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones …

    I can remember sitting in my living room about a year and a half ago listening to   a friend saying … “When gas gets to $2/gallon that’s when Americans will insist on doing something … anything.”  I reminded him of that when he said the very same thing this spring … only it was… Read more »