Month: April 2006

The Enemy Understands … the Only Way to Defeat America is from Within

 Americans do not like to be intimidated … that is part of it’s heritage, to stick up for the underdog, to right the world’s wrongs, to boldly go where … okay enough … but seriously, Americans simply disdain intimidation.  That is why I cannot help but wonder: ‘what is it with this new Iranian leader?’ … Read more »

Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote

As I watched the peaceful throngs of legal and illegal immigrants marching a couple of weeks ago I was impressed by two things, the first was that it was peaceful. That speaks volumes for the character of the people. The second, much to their chagrin, was that their multitudes re-enforced the problem … we have… Read more »

‘If my faith is based on folly, then it would be folly to call it my faith’ … a review of the Da Vicni Code, Jesus Papers, and Gospel of Judas …

As we approach one of the Holiest of Seasons for the Judeo-Christian Community, perhaps it is a good time to review the latest assaults on Christianity: the “Da Vinci Code”, “the Jesus Papers”, and “Gospel of Judas” … all have recently captured headlines as if they had credibility. First these three documents all can be… Read more »

America's Big Ten the Necessary, Yet Missing Ingredient…

As Islamic throngs protested in the streets of Kabul chanting ‘death to Bush’ over the fact that a converted Muslim was spared the death penalty, America must ask itself: “Has anything been solved?” I contend that if we are to shed American blood for the sake of freeing any people … then the least we… Read more »