Month: March 2006

It's the wages stupid …

While the politicians play politics with illegal immigration there are but three aspects needed to solve this dilemma. First, stop the influx, second provide a permanent worker visa … no amnesty … and third review their registration in an ongoing fashion and severely fine those who hire illegally. But let’s at least be honest with… Read more »

The Tragedy of a Black Prodigy …

The Tragedy of a Black Prodigy … As I watched the media spin the article about a seven year old African prodigy (she refused to be called “African American) … Autum Ashante … it was hard to remember what she had done to warrant the fifteen minutes. First she is cute as a button, and… Read more »

The Valley of the Wolves

Talk about the Oscars … next year in the foreign film category there may be an Islamic entry. Although many in radical Islam criticize America’s celluloid industry, Turkey has created a high budget and popular entry for next year, the title is … “Valley of the Wolves”. The fact that it is blatantly anti-American did… Read more »

The Relevant Left … an Oxymoron

I suppose there is nothing more maddening than disingenuousness. When any insincerely leads another astray strictly for gain it is more than annoying, it is outrageous … and that is why I am no longer a Democrat. I contend that I have not left my party, it has left me. Loosing my mentor to death… Read more »

To execute the guilty or innocent … that is the question.

I have looked at capital punishment in several ways for several years. As a Christian I feel we must take serious the command ‘thou shalt not kill’ … but that is given to the individual, not the government … and then scripture places several exceptions … self defense, war, protection of others, even disrespect …… Read more »