Month: February 2006

Forget winning their hearts and minds, how about winning ours?

After spending over five thousand of America’s most valuable commodity … American lives (911 plus service men and women killed in battle), Americans are still confused on the basics of the War on Terror. I cannot blame them. Confusion reigns for two reasons: first is the liberal’s unrelenting hammering with unfounded accusations about the war,… Read more »

Nothing to Fear … after all we are talking here about the "Religion of Peace"

As half the world is set ablaze over some political cartoon caricatures of the Mohammed, we in the Western world scratch our collective heads and wonder, “what’s the big deal?’ First and foremost, do not be deceived, this is not a spontaneous event. These cartoons ran last September and have been purposely used to inflame… Read more »

Confusion by Intent

About mid way through my dental career my office manager (wife) and myself decided we needed to take a business course. We researched our options, and decided the best course was sponsored by a West coast group. So off to Lala land we went. The course started with the customary welcome. I noticed the rigidity… Read more »