Month: January 2006

The 'Scopa' Trial

Its about 1980 something and we’re sitting around the kitchen table; Marilyn busily preparing and lovingly serving a meal as only she can; the boys bantering about something like the newest coach of the Bills (doesn’t anything ever change?); and I trying to allow each his turn in the debate. Suddenly out of the blue,… Read more »

The Supreme Court May Be Supreme, But It Is Not Infallible

Just when I thought I was ready to dump the Republicans because of the Abramoff bribery scandal Ted, Chuck, and Dick take arrogance to an all new level. These Senators seem not to be able to discern the difference between a qualification and a prejudice. Last week these mean spirited elites put the grandson of… Read more »

The Only Real Cure for Corruption

“What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular”, that is the sign which hangs from this columnist’s monitor. It gives me the courage to speak out on issues as I see them, not as others would have me see them. As I see it the story which will capture… Read more »

The people 'get it', the media doesn't

The people ‘get it’ … the media doesn’t America has not been attacked since 911 … and now we know why. Recently two print media giants have broken stories that have revealed American clandestine operations that have involving wiretaps, secret prisons, and techniques of interrogation less than Politically Correct which have, in no small part,… Read more »