Month: December 2005

Intelligent Design is … a more intelligent option

The courts have decided … it is unconstitutional to teach Intelligent Design (ID) in public schools … or so says Federal Judge John E. Jones and virtually every editorial board in the land. The Bush II appointee stated: “The overwhelming evidence at trial established that ID is a religious view, a mere re-labeling of creationism,… Read more »

War Against Christmas

In what many are calling “the war against Christmas” we are witnessing sanctioned religious bigotry. When the spirit of Christmas eventually wins this war, many will look back on this sad chapter of American History and be unable to explain why any would want to gag the message of hope and love. Perhaps some yet… Read more »

Those "T" words

Before this war can be won we need to define two terms, terror and torture. The “T” words if you will. I have a simple definition for both: terrorism occurs when an professional armed force purposely targets civilian non-combatants for the express purpose of terror … i.e. 911 or civilian restaurants and malls; Torture is… Read more »

No Atheists in a Foxhole or a Funeral Parlor

After a hug, several difficult moments and copious tears, my father’s best friend began his slow walk towards Dad’s open casket. He leaned on me, his 95 years needing support both physically and emotionally. As he began to accept the fact that his life long friend had passed he sat down near the casket and… Read more »

Death Shall Have No Dominion

One of the problems with writers is that they sometimes use poetic license to eulogize those who are close to them … as if their readers knew or even cared about personal acquaintances. I realize that you read this column for my opinion, agree with it or rail against it, I think all must agree… Read more »