Month: October 2005

Miers, Rather, Barnes, and Littiwin .. Now You Know the Rest of the Story

I must candidly admit it makes me uneasy finding Bush Supreme Court Nominee, Janet Miers, name on Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s short list. Why is it that President Clinton can get ultra leftists named to the court (ACLU attorney Justice Ginsberg and former Kennedy staff person Justice Stevens) and a conservative must pander to… Read more »

Book of Revelations (4th Seal 6th Chapter) … the pale horse is here

As many biblical enthusiasts approached the millennium stories of the “End Times” abounded. The “Left Behind Series” series is still popular and NBC tried a miniseries on ‘Revelations’. The fear many of us have about these impending times is that so many things predicted thousands of years go have come together (Israel in the land,… Read more »

Rove, Libby, Plume, Wilson, Khadafi.Miller sorting it all out

It is perplexing to this columnist to view the actions of my former political party. If ever their was a time for God and country this is the time. The fact that we were attacked on our homeland on 9/11/01 and lost more citizens than at Pearl Harbor should be enough to engender patriotism on… Read more »

We have met the enemy and they are us … at all levels

For the first time in our nation’s history the reserve component of our military is in command and control of our active duty elements on the ground fighting in Iraq. According to all accounts our operational tempo has not skipped a beat. This is an amazing tribute to our New York National Guard who daily… Read more »