Month: August 2005

"What we have here is a failure to act!"

In the last election: Joe Wilson, Richard Clarke, et. al. did their best to distort reality as they joined the anti-Bush ‘book of the month club’. Add to that the credibility given the fable called “Fahrenheit 911” by main stream Democrats, and one begins to understand the left … they apparently believe in the American… Read more »

From Frist to last

One of the human characteristics most upsetting to me is dis-ingeniousness. You see ignorance can be cured, you merely have to win the argument by presenting facts, but when one is disingenuous, he/she is purposefully misleading … more times than not … for her/his personal gain. That is why it is an understatement to say… Read more »

Berger Burlar

Berger Burglar Last summer, just before Sandy Berger was to testify in front of the 911 Commission, he went to the National Archives to ‘refresh his memory’. Berger, former Clinton National Security Advisor, ‘mistakenly’ walks out with top secret documents … hidden in his socks. Of course nobody follows the story because anybody could make… Read more »

AF of L -C … I told you so!

When I was a kid my Dad had a simple rule about labor and management … unions were good, management wasn’t. Therefore, it was natural for me as a young man to become a ‘dyed in the wool’ Bobby Kennedy Democrat, after all they were at that time, the party of the people. But by… Read more »