Month: July 2005

Roberts … yet another stealth

Hey folks, here’s an open note to the Republicans in Washington … you won the election! You won the House, the Senate, and the Presidency … yet you allow the Democrats to bully you at every turn. The latest case is that of the Supreme Court Nomnee John Roberts. Are you people unwilling to accept… Read more »

Al Qaeda Nukes – A Clear and Present Danger

Al Qaeda Nukes – a clear and present danger When I search for a subject to research each week I look for one in which I feel passion. I tried to get interested in the ‘Rove thing’, but that is so contrived I couldn’t get hooked … yet. Then there’s the new nominee for the… Read more »

Will 7/7 unite the West?

July 7th (7/7) may be a date that will engender the same feelings to the British as 911 does to Americans. Although their loss of property and life was not nearly that of America’s … this may be the event that will convince both Great Britain and much of Europe that no matter how politically… Read more »

Kiss your property rights good bye!

Amongst the most activist rulings in the history of the Supreme Court is their recent “Kelo vs. City of New London Case” (Kelo) on the redefinition of private property rights. That decision takes away the right to hold private property by each American citizen (Eminent Domain) and re-appropriates it to government … at any and… Read more »

When the left is … wrong

The left seems to not only have redefined hypocrisy, but also taken it to a whole new art form. One of the most frustrating aspects of modern day liberalism is that truth is thrown aside for rhetoric. Many politicians who reside on that pole are no longer even be embarrassed by their extremist actions. They… Read more »