Month: June 2005

Diabolical Durbin

Most Theologians, Psychologists, and Philosophers would agree with a statement Jesus made 2000 years ago: Matt. 12:37 (NAS): “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.” Therefore, let’s let Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin’s words either justify or condemn him. It should be obvious that when the… Read more »

Shredding the ACLU

Former American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Head of Archives Ms. Janet Linde should be awarded the “Deep Throat Snitch Award” for 2005. Not only has she has publically warned that employees and executives of her beloved ACLU are shredding documents, but has also, unlike the original ‘deep throat’ (FBI snitch Mark Felt) resigned her post…. Read more »

The people chose, but the Republicans froze.

The people chose, but the Republicans froze. I knew the Republic was in trouble when I heard these infamous words from none other -than the only remaining ex-KKK member of the Senate: “The Republic is saved”. This uttered by the suddenly ‘moderate’ Democrat Robert Byrd who claimed this ‘redemption’ because the minority gets to rule…. Read more »