Month: May 2005

Newsweek lied … and many died

The now infamous piece in “Newsweek” by Michael Isokoff is not the first shot across America’s bow by this publication. In the Feb. 2nd (2005) issue published for Japan the American Flag was featured in the trash bin, that same week the international version showed an unflattering photo of Bush with the headlines: “America Leads… Read more »

Politics rather than Protection

With the same impeccable logic that the Clinton Administration used when they gifted nuclear power plants to North Korea, the Bush Administration and our Congress are gifting our country to any who wish to enter … no matter their motives. Rather than export the American dream as NAFTA promised, the federal government insists on importing… Read more »

Oh my … what have we done

Just Pull out the tubes and let the Vegetable Die After championing Terri Schaivo for months in this forum I received many responses … both for and against my stance. Possibly the most crass was that of a reader who said: ‘Pull out the tubes and let the vegetable die.’ ‘Let the vegetable die’? First… Read more »

Limiting Terms Rather Than Freedoms

One of the greatest threat to our democracy at the turn of the millennium has been the judiciary usurping the people and legislating by edict. We have seen examples of this recently with the attempt at legitimizing gay marriage and overturning the legislative ban on bilingualism and partial birth abortion. For years I have contemplated… Read more »