Month: April 2005

delaying Delay

It seems our friends on the right don’t know how to lead, at least that is what Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich says in his new book “Winning the Future” … then, as if to emphasize his thesis he rails against fellow Republican Tom Delay. Folks these Republicans have met the enemy and… Read more »

Right is right … even when the world says it is wrong.

It’s all about this: right is right, even if the world thinks its wrong … and wrong is wrong … even if the world thinks its right. I can already hear my critics, ‘but Bill, then what you say is right is TRUTH … and when others disagree they are wrong?’. That is not what… Read more »

Perot and Buchanan were right … its an invasion not immigration

Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot were right, America has exported most of their good paying jobs while simultaneously importing millions of illegals to do jobs which other industries refuse to pay adequate wages. This, while CEO’s and others at the top of the ‘food chain’, continue to ‘earn’ salaries that would embarrass even professional athletes…. Read more »

Rest in Peace … You Man of God

Last week we lost a true saint who had walked amongst us. In our post-modern society we are told that virtually everything is grey, and even though we have constructed a wall between church and state, that wall has been torn down between black and white. Perhaps, just as the grey reflected in many of… Read more »

Baseball Brats

As I listened at stunned disbelief at the circus called Baseball’s Congressional Hearing I recalled a youth I had one known rumored to be on steroids. This kid apparently used them for weight training (before they were illegal). He became subject to extreme mood swings and eventually committed suicide. He was a great kid and… Read more »

Terri's Plight Reviewed

I have spent the entire week thinking and praying for a disabled brain injured person named Terri Schiavo (Terri). After she died my neighbor said, “Lighten up Bill, after all it’s not your fault.” I responded: “Isn’t it? As an American it is our collective duty to be certain tyranny does not rein.” To stand… Read more »