Month: March 2005

Terri Must Die

One cannot help but wonder if Terri Schiavo’s last name were Reeves … if she were but a movie star … or a pope … would she still be fighting for her life? Perhaps a more pertinent question would be if she so ‘wanted to die’ why did she fight so hard? If she was… Read more »

Terri Schindler's list

Terri Schiavo’s maiden name was Schindler. On Good Friday March 25, 2005 … as she lies dying asking only for food and water (“I thirst”) … and as America’s players have decided she in not worthy of life … perhaps, if she could speak, this would be her list … Terri Schindler’s List: This is… Read more »

"Is the process more important than the content?"

Is the process more important than the result? That is a question a psychologist once taught us many years ago. He contended that the process by which a decision is made is more important than the outcome of that particular process. While I understood his position I told him it was “psycobabble”. Of course he… Read more »

It's not about disability stupid …

The Terri Shiavo debacle is not all about people with disabilities and their rights … it is about judges who think they are infallible and the legalization of euthanasia. Since this morning’s death sentence pronounced by a liberal Clinton appointee … none of the facts about the Shiavo case have changed. She is not on… Read more »

Brave New World vs. Ten Commandments

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of our Constitution is that it is written in plain language. Most, by reading either an Amendment or the Body of the Constitution, are able to understand it. Moreover, should debate ensue over the Constitutionality of any given event, our Founders decided the Judiciary would be entrusted to… Read more »

The sign of greatness is how we treat the least in society

The very basis of the American Government is that it exists for the protection and good of the people, not the people for the government. Protection of the lesser from the greater was the ground for most of the founding documents of this nation. That does not mean that America has been perfect, but it… Read more »