Month: February 2005

Time to cover their backs

Time to cover their backs: It seems to be all about color, or ethnicity, but it is inexcusable the way many soldiers have been behaving. They have been deployed, so we are told, to keep the peace … but time after time they have abused their rights and misrepresented the very nation and tax payers… Read more »

Where is the ACLU when Americans really need them?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled “Jersey Jihad” in which the entire Coptic Christian family of Hossam Armanious (wife and two young daughters) were ritualistically murdered (Jan. 14, 2005) in Jersey City. The ritual was in accordance with instructions given on various Islamist websites. His crime? He exercised his First Amendment Right… Read more »

"Oil 4 Critics … not Food."

After all of the rhetoric from the Iraq war critics it turns out the most vocal nations and or individuals had ‘a deal,’ not idealism as their motive. Leaders from critical nations as well as the United Nations have been caught with their collective hand in the Oil for Food Program’s (OFFP) ‘cookie jar’. This… Read more »

The Evolution of Spin

There is a strange happening in our land … it has been creeping up on us for some time, but only recently has it progressed from annoying to afflictive. It started with the name spin and morphed into political correctness within about a decade. We laughed at both and few took them seriously. Since the… Read more »