Month: January 2005

The election and the Senator

As the father of an infantry man on his third tour of duty in Iraq, my message to Sen. Kennedy (who called our troops in Iraq “part of the problem, not part of the solution)” on the eve of the Iraqi historic elections is not “how did you dare” , but “how dare you”. The… Read more »

The Jersey Jihad

One might think of the negative aspect of New Jersey as the home of the ‘mob’. This has been fostered by programs like HBO’s hit series ‘The Sopranos’. Yet, when I think of the unfavorable aspect of the state which boasts ‘liberty and prosperity’ as its motto, it is not fiction that I dread …… Read more »

The Abortion Distortion

I must admit that I predate the political aspect of the abortion distortion. I was taught in my first year of Dental School (along with the Medical Students ) that abortion was the taking of a human life. It was illegal and prosecuted as murder in our courts. Since then science has given more, not… Read more »

America the Compassionate

Most of the nations effected by the tsunami are Islamic nations. Those nations include Indonesia which boasts the largest Moslem population in the world. One would think that the calamity set upon them would demand an outpouring of monies and aid from wealthy oil rich Islamic Nations world round. It would seem reasonable that the… Read more »

America’s Radical Left Joins the Jihad

Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of the modern Democratic Party is the way it has come to treat its fringes in the post-Clinton years. The veneration of former Attorney General Ramsey Clarke and anti-Bush zealots like film maker Michael Moore epitomizes this enigma. Moore was embraced by the main stream Democratic Party and given a… Read more »

Da Vinci Code … Hidden Truth or Erroneous Belief?

Da Vinci Code … Hidden Truth or Erroneous Belief? During the past month I have done some extensive research into the novel “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. Since the media has treated this fiction as plausible I wanted to know, where does the truth lie? Those proponents should tread carefully, because in order… Read more »