Month: December 2004

The "Evolution" of the ACLU

The ACLU and Their ‘Evolution” The greatest threat to our society, after the jihad, is home grown … it is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). This is the same organization that claims it looks out for the rights of the ‘little guy’, but more often than not it is only when “the little guy”… Read more »

The UN time to reform … from the top … as we follow the money

Oil for Food … the concept was sound. It seemed like a humanitarian way around the trauma the first coalition had placed on the Iraqi. Much of the Iraqi population, including the children, were starving and most thought this was a reasonable solution. It was to be completely overseen by the United Nations. Rather than… Read more »

Staff Sargent David Bellavia

Recently my son, Staff Sgt. David Bellavia featured in Time Magazine’s Nov. 22, 2004 story of the Battle of Fallujah “In the Hot Zone” was the target of leftist Paul Street. In it he called David “a real-life Arab-killing ‘Terminator’, ready to discuss Michelangelo off the field of invasion”. He wrote this column, “Loves, Hates,… Read more »

Condesention – priviledge, not a right

“Your son … well, he’s taken human lives … he’s killed people” was the comment after a leftist ‘friend’ read the “Time Magazine” (Nov. 22, 2004) account of my son in Fallujah. I walked away … it was better that way … it’s good that we Christians have two cheeks. David soon called and his… Read more »