Month: November 2004

Thanksgiving Soup

Right after we worshipped and gave thanks to our Creator this past Thanksgiving, I felt we next owed a collective show of appreciation to our military and leadership for taking the fight to the terrorists on their land instead of ours. America’s unique aspect of pluralism or our ‘melting pot’ should be equally given credit… Read more »

Washington was no terrorist

There has been several attempts by media pundits as well as pro-Islamist groups to draw a parallel between George Washington and the Islamic terrorists. I’ve even heard experts on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC compare Washington to Arafat. Matt Lauer took such an opportunity when he interviewed the ‘Second Lady” Mrs. Cheney on his NBC “Today… Read more »

Let's Not Get Bourked Again

Conservatives banned together in the 2004 Presidential campaign in no small part, to put an end to ‘activist judges’. After working through the political process for years they have finally won the country’s support to put an end to judges who make new laws via personal proclamation The filibuster had never been used before to… Read more »

"We the People"

About 8 years ago, before my fourth son had considered joining the infantry, before the birth of my second grandson (now there are 5!), and well before I truly understood the term ‘radical Islam’ … my second son quoted a study that the great majority in this nation had no idea what the Bill of… Read more »