Month: September 2004

The UN's Oil for Terrorism Program

The United Nations is again threatening to sanction an Islamic state for developing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). It is aiming its accusations at the radical Islamic theocracy of Iran. They are certain that the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons … sound familiar? The United Nations is once again threatening … to make a resolution…. Read more »

Rather … NOT!

My liberal friend, let’s call him Pat, became incensed when I challenged the authenticity of the documents on the “60 Minutes”. This was the program which has caused a firestorm in its backlash against the CBS media giant and its anchor Dan Rather. The program championed the tired charges against Bush’s National Guard record. I… Read more »

Where is the Outcry?

I am perplexed and dismayed that after the travesty in Russia in which hundreds of school children were targeted and murdered by Islamic Terrorists that we have not heard universal condemnation of this heinous act by Islam. Not only has Islam’s silence been deafening by its absence, but also that of the Western press. The… Read more »

Who Were Those Guys?

As the Sundance Kid once said to Butch Cassidy: “who are those guys?’ As I watched the demonstrations against the Republicans in New York City I could not help but wonder the same. Who are these people, and further what do they want? In a time of war there is plenty to demonstrate against …… Read more »