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A mother is unselfish, loyal, and loving. I marveled at those attributes in Marilyn as I watched her mold my boys into men. She sent me this prayer yesterday… in honor of her motherhood and my undying love for her I share this precious gift with you: God bless your life. God bless your health…. Read more »


Perhaps mothers are the most foundational aspect of a Godly Society. I was blessed with a mother who cared enough to get involved in my life. Proverbs 22:6(ESV) “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” I love you Mom, even though… Read more »

Bones, Lighter Side, Prayer Requests

Together we make a family. Words of Wisdom … So many needs… so many more wants… Lord let us thank God that you have protected America this Christmas season thus far from terrorism.  May America come to an understanding between a need and a want. ****************** Dr. B’s Books… All of Dr B’s Books available… Read more »

CIA … Fake News?

Bones In the strangest of years, in the most unusual of elections, in the era of fake news… its about to get weirder. The CIA, or somebody in the CIA, is publically claiming that Russia hacked our election and casting doubt on the Trump landslide. As I see it there are two possibilities… the first… Read more »

Pope Exonerates Abortion? Hardly.

William the Unworthy: Pope Muddies the Water… Abortion and Personal Property Yesterday Pope Francis gave the authority, heretofore reserved for Bishops, to absolve the sin of abortion. This edict will be for only one year during the ‘Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy’. As a former Roman Catholic I did not know that only a bishop… Read more »

Assassination and Rape… Really?

Bones Violence from the Left… Rape and Assassination…   Rape and assassination, really?  Over an election, really?  The guy isn’t taking office for another two months and some on the left are encouraging and threatening the rape of the next First Lady, Melania, and murder of the President-Elect.  That is some kind of ‘tolerance’. I… Read more »